Sublime: 40oz to Freedom

1992, Skunk Records and Gasoline Alley/MCA. drums, percussion, scratches.
Get Out!: scratches
40oz to Freedom: drums
Smoke Two Joints: drums, scratches
We’re Only Gonna Die For Our Arrogance: drums
Don’t Push: drums
5446/Ball and Chain: drums
New Thrash: drums
Live At E’s: drums
Chica Me Tipo: drums
Right Back: drums
What Happened: drums
Ebin: drums
Date Rape: drums
Hope: drums
KRS-ONE: scratches


Tha Mexakinz: Crossing All Borders

1994, Wild West Records. production, drums
Rain on Your Parade: drums, production


Sublime: Sublime

1996 Gasoline Alley Records. drums, percussion, scratches, drum programming
Garden Grove: scratches
What I Got: drums, scratches
April 29, 1992: drum programming, scratches
Burritos: percussion
Get Ready: percussion, scratches
Caress Me Down: percussion
What I Got Reprise: percussion
Doin Time: programming, drum programming,scratches


KRS-ONE: Step Into A World (Marshall Arts Music Remix)

1997, Jive. production, drum programming, scratches
Step Into A World (Marshall Arts Music Remix): drum programming, scratches, production
Lordz of Brooklyn: Gravesend(Lake of Fire), promo cd 1997, Island Records. production, drums
Gravesend(Lake of Fire), MVP Video Edit: drums, production


Sublime: Second Hand Smoke, drums, scratches

1997, MCA/Gasoline Alley. drum programming
Get Out(remix): drum programming, scratches, co-production
Drunk Drivin’: drums
April 29th 1992: scratches
Thanx Dub: drums


Songs of Operation Ivy: Take Warning

1997, Glue Factory. drum programming, co-production
Bad Town: drum programming, co-production


Wailing Souls: Psychedelic Souls

1998, Pow Wow Records. drum programming
Mountain Song: drum programming


Long Beach Dub Allstars: Long Beach Dub Allstars and Friends

1998, Skunk Records. production, drums, percussion,scratches, mixing
My Own Life: percussion
Trailer RAS: percussion, scratches
I Luv I Jah: drums
Kick Down: drums, production, mixing, scratches
Promised Land/Murderer: drums
Abduction Dub: drums


Slightly Stoopid: The Longest Barrel Ride

1998, Skunk Records. drums
Struggler: drums
Free Dub: drums


Long Beach Dub Allstars: Right Back

1999, Skunk Records and Dreamworks Records. production, drums, scratching, percussion, drum programming
Righteous Dub: percussion, co-production
Rosarito: co-production
My Own Life: percussion, co-production
Fugazi: co-production
New Sun: co-production
Kick Down: drums, drum programming, scratches, co-production
Like A Dog: drums, drum programming, scratches, co-production
Sensi: drum programming, co-production
Trailer RAS: percussion, scratches, co-production
Pass It On: drums, percussion, co-production
Soldiers: drums, co-production


Capitol Eye: Mood Swings

1999, 77 Records. co-production, co-mixing, percussion, scratches
The Dice Roll: percussion
What My Eyes Have Seen: percussion, additional scratches
Checkin’ Ya: percussion
If You Want Me To Stay: percussion
Amnesia: percussion, additional scratches
Hit ‘Em Up: percussion
These Days: percussion
What You Feel: percussion
Checkin’ Ya (slow): percussion


Long Beach Dub Allstars: Wonders of the World

2001, Dreamworks Records. production, mixing, scratches, drums, percussion.
Sunny hours: scratches
Listen To DJ’s: drums, percussion
Rolled Up: drums, percussion, scratches
Life Goes On: production, mixing, drum programming, percussion
Luke: percussion, scratches
Lonely End: drums, percussion
Free Love: drums, percussion
Lies: drums
Kablammin’ It: percussion
Grass Cloud: percussion, scratches, Handsonic sound effects
Sunny Hours reprise: drum programming, percussion, scratches


Unwritten Law: Up all Night

2001, Interscope. percussion
Up All Night: percussion


Unwritten Law: Elva

2002, Interscope. percussion
Hellborn: percussion
Up All Night: percussion


Monsieur Leroc: Oh La La!

2003, Cornerstone Recording Arts Society
Don’t You Like My Style?: scratches
The Hunt pt 2: scratches
Have You Got Soul?: scratches
Kabuki Bukkake: scratches
The Hunt pt 2: scratches
Roulez Relax: scratches


Slightly Stoopid: Everything You Need

2003, Surfdog Records. percussion, drums
Wicked Rebel: drums, percussion


Josh 1: Narrow Path

2003, Myutopia. drums
Grey Skies: drums


Authority Zero: Andiamo

2004, Lava. percussion
Find Your Way: percussion
Madman: percussion
Retreat: percussion
Mexican Radio: percussion, scratches
Solitude: percussion
PCH-82: percussion, scratches


Sublime: Sublime Gold

2005, Gasoline Alley. drums
40oz to Freedom: drums
Smoke Two Joints: drums, scratches
We’re Only Gonna Die For Our Own Arrogance: drums
5446 That’s My Number / Ball and Chain: drums
Chica Mi Tipo: drums
Right Back: drums
Date Rape: drums
Garden Grove: scratches
What I Got: drums, scratches
April 29th 1992 (miami): drum programmimg, scratches
Get Ready: percussion, scratches
Caress Me Down: percussion
Doin’ Time: drum programming, programming, scratches


Slightly Stoopid: Closer to the Sun

2005, Surfdog Records. scratches
Somebody: scratches


Dishwalla: Dishwalla

2005, Orphanage. percussion


Sublime: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

2006, Gasoline Alley. drums, percussion, scratches, drum programming, programming, production, mixing
Doin’ Time (original Mix); drum programming, programming, scratches
What I Got: drums, scratches
April 29th 1992: drum programming, scratches
Caress Me Down: percussion
Burritos: percussion
Get Ready: percussion, scratches
Garden Grove: scratches
April 29th 1992 (alternate version): scratches
What I Got (alternate version): drums, scratches
Doin’ Time remixed by Marshall Arts featuring Pharcyde: produced, mixed, drum programming, programming


Jack Maness: Simple Man

2006, Skunk Records. drums, drum programming
Frontline: drums
New Day: drum programming
Simple Man: drums
Big Mouth: drums
Viper Dove: drums
Smile and Cry: drums
The Storm: drums


Sublime: Box Set

2006 Gasoline Alley. drums, percussion
Shame In Dem Game(feat. HR): drums
Mic Control: drums
Caress Me Dub: percussion
Foolish Fool: percussion


Philieano: Philieano

2007, Skunk Records. production, drums, scratches
Time Is Now: production, mixing, drum programming, scratches
Cisco: production, mixing, drum programming


Toko Tasi: Spiritual Life

2007 Skunk Records. production, drums, drum programming
Only Livin’ Once: drums
If I Try: drum programming
Seems To Me: production, drum programming
Need A Girl: drums
Love To Share: co-production, drum programming, percussion
Baby Milk: drums
Then It Was Cool: drums


Look Daggers: Suffer In Style

2008, Up Above Records. drums
Believe: drums
Shades of Orange: drums
Falcon Gentle: drums
Existereo: drums


Good Charlotte: Greatest Remixes

2008, Epic. production, drums, percussion
Broken Hearts Parade: drums, percussion, production
Frank Zappa: The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAAAA Birthday Bundle 2010
2010, Zappa. drums
Willie the Pimp: drums


LMNO: James Kelly

2010, Up Above Records. mixing


Bobby Brown: The Masterpiece

2012, Bronx Bridge. drums
All is Fair in Love: drums


Slightly Stoopid: Top of the World

2012, Stoopid Records. drum programming, scratches, arranger
Top of The World: drum programming, scratches
Top of the World(Remix): production, drum programming, writer, arranger
Just Thinking: drum programming
Drink Professionally: drum programming: Top of the World


Ras MG: Words(Single)

2014, Marshall Arts Music. artist/producer/arranger/drum programming


Rebelution: Count Me In Remix EP

2015, 87 Music / Controlled Substance Sound Labs / Raise Up Music. production, drums, percussion, scratches, arrangement
De-Stress: drum programming, scratches, percussion, arrangement, mix
Count Me In: drum programming, percussion, production, arrangement, mix


Roots of Creation: Livin’ Free

2016, Caroline Distribution. percussion, drum programming, percussion, arranger
Struggle: drum programming, percussion, arrangement
Get Ready: drum programming, percussion